It's All in the Voice!

Karen SchadowNYWICI's print newsletter CONNECT featured in its spring 2010 issue a story by Karen Schadow on the importance of your voice. An excerpt:

"How common is this lack of effectiveness in our business encounters? Haven’t we all made judgments or painted mental pictures of someone based on her voice? Conversely, others judge us — and perhaps make business decisions — based on our voices. It is the voice that makes the difference in whether our boss, job interviewer or client sees us as competent, self-assured and confident — or nervous, unprepared and disinterested. It’s all in the voice."

As a voice improvement coach for more than 20 years, Karen has helped hundreds of clients achieve dynamic, effective, energetic voices by using what she calls an All Points Bulletin for the Voice: Articulation, Projection, Breathing.

Now you can listen to this podcast and get Karen's direct instructions and explanations and learn how to improve your voice.