Finding the Best Place to Work

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Kristin Davie, Lin Shen and Laura Bedrossian
Searching for your dream job is not easy in today's economy, but it can still be done. Job seekers need to be enthusiastic, savvy researchers and ask the right questions. A good and healthy culture is something you should be looking for during that search and an attribute all companies should be striving to achieve.
At Peppercomm, we’re a strategic communications and marketing firm with more than 100 employees and offices in NYC, San Francisco and London. Recently named by Crain’s New York Business as the #1 Best Place to Work in New York, culture counts; and our culture is an interesting one that prospective employees should know about before walking in for the interview.
From stand-up comedy training, constant on-site workshop sessions on various topics, to an agency “Fun Committee” that plans parties and exciting non-work-related events, Peppercomm has a robust culture that keeps employees excited about the agency and vice versa.
Here are a few tips from Peppercomm's intern program supervisors and the women who run PRiscope—the agency’s blog geared toward navigating everything from getting hired as an entry-level communications professional to what's new in social media. Take it from Kristin Davie, Lin Shen and Laura Bedrossian on what to look for when searching for your dream job.
Professional Development Opportunities: At first, the goal for any jobseeker is to acquire a position. Moving forward, she should seriously consider how they can continue to develop in order to maintain a positive and valuable experience. Candidates should be sure to inquire about the frequency of performance reviews and personal development plans, as well as other growth opportunities within the company.  Ultimately, these opportunities are a unique way to gauge the company’s commitment to their employees’ growth and lead to a more enriching career.
Agency Culture: Given the vast amount of time we spend at work, an agency’s culture and workplace environment can greatly impact not only professional success, but long-term emotional wellbeing. When considering a position, it is important to first manage your own expectations of what the position should entail and how the agency environment should be.   Do I share the same goals/values with the agency and its employees? Should I go in-house or agency? Flat or hierarchical structure? Entrepreneurial or more conservative?  Just because you get a job offer from a company doesn't mean it’s the best fit for you.
Leadership: A strong management team can greatly improve the success of a company and is one of the key factors in establishing and maintaining an effective agency culture. With most people leaving a company because of their direct supervisor, make sure you're really researching your potential employer. Read personal blogs and websites, and understand the vision behind the company when deciding if it is the right fit for your career aspirations.  The more closely you identify with the company’s philosophy, the happier you will be as one of its members. 
These are just a few key items to look for when searching for the perfect position. For more tips and tricks, be sure to read and feel free to reach out to Kristin, Lin and Laura—they love to help! 
Posted by: 
Kristin Davie

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