NYWICI Heritage Project: Nancy Weber

Education: BS, journalism, University of Colorado

Career: executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Meredith;  Senior vice president of marketing and business development, at Golf Digest Publications; vice president of marketing, McCall’s and Family Circle Magazines.

NYWICI Involvement: President, 2012-2013, Matrix Awards Host, 2016 & 2011, 2016 Chair of Matrix Development Committee, 2016 Chair of Nominations Committee


Nancy WeberNYWICI: What is the most important attribute of a leader?
Nancy Weber: The ability to make decisions

Who influenced your early career?
My first boss was a woman and she was a wonderful role model and a true mentor. 

Relate an obstacle you overcame early in your career. What is the best career advice you ever received?
When I moved to New York I had to take a big step back in both position and money. Sometimes to move forward in a career, you have to take a step back in position or money.

If you're good, you'll more than make up for the time and money.

What’s the best advice you have received?
Don't be a victim.

Relate a story about how you were treated as a working woman.
Most of my career, I have been the only woman at the table. I have never felt left out or discriminated against. I've learned just as much from male mentors and bosses as I have from women. Having a positive attitude at work will make you a lot more successful vs. an attitude of victim.