My Experience With MEG


How can winning a Membership Empowerment Grant (MEG) help you in your professional career? Past recipients discuss their experiences in applying and using their MEG, how they decided what to learn and why, and how winning the award helped them propel their careers forward, land a new job or achieve more in their current position.

Rachel BowieRachel Bowie
Receiving a MEG Was a Game-Changer

"The Empowerment Grant was a total game-changer personally and professionally. To this day, I feel so grateful to NYWICI for making an investment that helped me grow and evolve my career."
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Stephanie GuzmanStephanie M. Guzmán
MEG: A Champion for Women Empowerment

"Opportunities like the Membership Empowerment Grant demonstrate how NYWICI invests in our careers — no matter at what stage — and acts as a true champion for women empowerment."
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Megan HessMegan Hess 
How the MEG Helped Me Take 10 Steps Ahead

"Find the item on your to-do list that’s been languishing there for too long — maybe it’s on the 'oh, that would be nice' list in your head — and take charge of it. If you’ve been a NYWICI member for three years or more, you have no excuse not to." 
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Bridget ThoresonBridget Thoreson
MEG Adds Impressive Credentials to My Resume

"I was able to put two new items on my resume, both of which I’m extremely proud of: I earned a professional certificate through NYUSPS — and I was awarded a Member Empowerment Grant from NYWICI!"
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Leila ZogbyLeila Zogby
How the MEG Changed My Life

"Every previous winner of a Membership Empowerment Grant I spoke to about applying said the same thing: 'It changed my life.' I now add my voice to the chorus. I no longer can be a passive consumer of art, merely looking without thinking."
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The New York Women in Communications' annual Member Empowerment Grant is for NYWICI members of at least three consecutive years who want to pursue professional development opportunities. Awards are granted for continuing education courses, conference attendance, career coaching and more. Grants are paid directly to an institution and not to recipients. Winners must be present at the NYWICI Annual Meeting held each May, and use their grant within one year. 

For more details on the Member Empowerment Grant, read our Fact Sheet and Requirements & Obligations and Apply Online.