Lisa Caputo

Lisa Caputo, a 2007 NYWICI Matrix Winner, has had a fast-moving career — one that hasn’t slowed — spanning the public sector to the business world. Prior to embarking on a career in business, Lisa spent over a decade in the world of politics.

She served as deputy assistant to the president and as press secretary to former First Lady Hillary Clinton at the White House during President Clinton’s first term, where she oversaw the communications and media relations operations for the First Lady and the First Family and served as chief spokesperson.

Lisa later moved on to senior executive marketing and communications positions with The Walt Disney Company and The CBS Corporation. Now at Citigroup, Lisa is the chief marketing, advertising and community relations officer of the Global Consumer Group, and the president and CEO of Citigroup’s Women & Co. In her current role, Lisa has a lot of responsibilities, but she works hard to keep her priorities in check.

Who are your female role models?

Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright and my mom.


Because of the way that Hillary and Madeleine are advocates for our country. Hillary in particular, for her work with children and families. And Madeleine, for her stature and diplomacy around the world as the Secretary of State. Hillary is a tremendous public servant, and she was there for me in good times and bad times; she is amazing for all that she has had to juggle. And my mom for raising her children with care and passion and to ensure that my siblings and I had the best environment to grow up in.

Why did you start Women & Co.?

I really wanted to do public service in the private sector. I wanted to help women with their financial needs and to put them on the path to financial security. Women are the caregivers in the household, and they are always in demand to juggle many responsibilities. Women are so busy making everybody and everyone a priority that they have no time to make themselves a priority. I wanted women to place priority on their own financial situation to be more empowered with other things in life — including themselves.

What has been your major professional and personal accomplishment?

My personal accomplishment is my incredible two children. I have a boy, who is 4, and a girl, who is 2. They are my pride and joy and a joint accomplishment with my husband.

Two professional highlights come to mind. First, is serving as deputy press secretary to First Lady Hillary Clinton and coming to that job in my late 20s. Second, is becoming chief marketing officer of Citigroup and leading its re-branding efforts.

What is the greatest challenge facing women in the workplace today?

Ample opportunity for women to move into line jobs. To run a P & L (profit and loss). I think that more and more companies are moving women into line jobs, and I hope that trend continues. And the issue of balance for women in the workplace. Whether single or married, women are always juggling family demands and work demands. Women are so diligent that we can lose sight of ourselves. We need to place ourselves as a priority in addition to work priorities.

What is the worst Christmas present you have ever received?

Well, my most amusing Christmas gift ever was a box full of Christmas paraphernalia. It included deer antlers in the form of a hat. A necklace with huge flashing light bulbs and Christmas ornament earrings: a red ball in one ear and a green ball in the other.

(December 2007)

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Rachel Buttner