Social Media 101 with Mashable

September 14, 2011
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Sony Wonder Lab

By Alexandra Patchen

APIs, 3rd Party Apps, Clouds, Hootsuite. Is this social media terminology a foreign language to you?

On Sept. 14 at Sony Wonder Technology Lab, we were fortunate to have Mashable’s Emily Banks translate the new technology flooding the ever-expanding social media universe. As an Associate Managing Editor at Mashable, Banks is responsible for ensuring that articles written under her watch are done so with a clear and incisive voice. And she delivered. She showed us how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are instrumental in career and business development. She made believers out of those who swatted away social media as a legitimate outlet for business growth.

To someone who may view social media solely as a way to socialize with their friends over the web, learning that it can also be used for career and business purposes was a radical shift. Banks showed us that by using these platforms in tandem, a 360 degree view inside your business further humanizes the business and engages current and future consumers. A subsequent Question-and-Answer period further clarified the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve this aim and optimize social media’s capabilities.
So long as you commit Banks’ mantra to memory, you will be successful in capitalizing on social media beyond personal gratification. Remember to:
  • Be yourself
  • Be transparent
  • Be responsive
  • Be prepared for the worst.
Overall, Banks’ presentation successfully demonstrated why integrating social media into business and career growth is essential. View Emily's Power Point presentation or listen to the podcast of this event.

Emily Banks (@emjbanks on Twitter) is the associate managing editor for Mashable. In this role she is responsible for assigning and editing news coverage, organizing editorial schedules and overseeing Mashable's editorial ethics guidelines and style guide. Previously, Emily was assistant news editor. She joined Mashable‘s New York team in October 2010 as copy editor.

Emily also has experience working in newspapers, television and corporate communications. She has reported for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, community newspapers in Wisconsin and Georgia, and Georgia Public Broadcasting TV; she also worked for a small communications firm in Minneapolis with Fortune 500 clients. While in college, she was the co-publisher and editor in chief of The Minnesota Daily, one of the largest student-run daily newspapers in the country.

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