New Year, New You: Have Your Best Year at Work Ever!

January 13, 2016
Event location: 

Lord & Taylor

On Jan. 13, 2016, NYWICI's Young Professionals Committee kicked off 2016 at Lord & Taylor with a sold-out event “Have Your Best Year at Work Ever!” A panel of career experts covered everything from workplace sticky situations to striking a work/life balance that is perfect for you. They delved into how to pursue that promotion, ask for the salary you deserve and go after what you really want.

More than 80 attendees were greeted with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, Bobby Brown make-up experts and 20% off shopping passes. 

The moderator, CNN Political Commentator Tara Setmayer, started the conversation with an honest oberservation of her own, musing that "In our experience as professional women, we want to hear from other professional women to make sure we're not crazy." The panel included Karyn Benvenuto of Lord & Taylor, Lea Goldman of Marie Claire Magazine, Emma Gray of the Huffington Post, Elle Kaplan of LexION Capital and Lindsay Moroney of The Muse.

Some key takeaways of the discussion:

  • Don’t forget the small details when prepping for an interview, such as your nails and hair. Wear what you feel comfortable in at an interview but also take into consideration where you are interviewing and their culture. (Karen Benvenuto)
  • When asking for a raise or promotion, consider the climate in your company or industry when you make a case for why you should get promoted. Be sure to mention what you have accomplished. (Karen Benvenuto)
  • When negotiating for a better salary, the worst they can say is "no". It is expected that you will negotiate when you receive an offer; they are ready for it. (Lindsay Moroney)
  • If you don’t ask you don’t get. (Tara Setmayer)
  • Women tend not to negotiate — men of all levels push back. It's so important to ask for that raise because if you don't, it can impact your salary for the rest of your career. (Elle Kaplan)
  • Your career level will affect what you can say “no” to. But as you climb the ranks, you’ll be able to pick and choose how you spend your time a bit more wisely. Put in the Sweat Equity! (Lea Moroney )
  • The best way to say no is to make actionable alternative suggestions. (Emma Gray)

For more advice from the panel, check out the tweets from the event night. 

Slideshow images: Jan Goldstoff


Moderator: Tara Setmayer, Political Commentator, CNN, @TaraSetmayer


Karyn Benvenuto, Vice President & General Manager, Lord & Taylor@lordandtaylor

Lea Goldman, Executive Editor, Marie Claire magazine, @lea

Emma Gray, Executive Women's Editor, The Huffington Post, @emmaladyrose

Elle Kaplan, CEO and Founder, LexION Capital, @ellekaplan

Lindsay Moroney, Chief of Staff, The Muse, @lindsaymoroney