Digital Salon: Twitter for Business

December 15, 2010
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How to Convert Your Twitter Followers to Customers

On December 15, NYWICI members participated in a Digital Salon with Carmina Pérez, writer, speaker and digital media marketing consultant, on how to use Twitter for your business.

Our Digital Salons are member-only events on cutting-edge digital topics, held in a small setting. This is another of the many benefits a NYWICI membship has to offer!

Listen to our podcast of the panel.


Carmina Pérez is a writer, speaker and digital media marketing consultant. She is a veteran of the internet, television and financial services industries, and a social media expert. Since she began her practice in Sept. 2007, Carmina has helped over 50 clients with social media marketing strategy and implementation, and has presented more than 50 workshops on web 2.0 technologies for business.




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