Digital Salon: Integrated Social Media Marketing and Your Website

January 21, 2010
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Jennifer ShaheenOn Jan. 21, 2010, NYWICI members and guests participated in one of our latest events in our series "Digital Salons." This time, the topic was social media, which today involves more than just creating a Twitter and Facebook account.

Speaker Jennifer Shaheen (at left), the eMarketing and Technology Therapist®, explained that social media involves an understanding of the engagement of your audience on your website by giving them a voice.

Jennifer gave an overview of social media ideas that separate your site from the competition. She explained how to plan for social integration into a website, talked about popular social tools that can enhance a website and gave tips on how to track social engagement off site and measure results. You can view Jennifer's slideshow here.

You can listen to a podcast of the event here!


About Jennifer Shaheen
The eMarketing and Technology Therapist®

, Jennifer Shaheen, is an expert at helping small and mid sized companies leverage technology to capitalize on current and future marketing objectives. Her business, The Technology Therapy Group, empowers small businesses to market their products and services through web development, web design and web marketing. Through years of experience, Ms. Shaheen has developed an understanding and an awareness of how technology can be applied to practical business applications and how it can generate an increase in sales and garner a greater market share. Learn more by visiting

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