Digital Salon: How to Leverage Location Based Services for Business

February 16, 2011
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The location-based social media platform Foursquare has redefined what it means to “check-in,” but many of us are still baffled by the growing popularity of this and other geo-tagging programs and how to use them as affective PR and Marketing tools. Enter Anna O'Brien, a true social media maven, who has used her in-depth understanding of these online sites to generate big buzz for her employers, including CitiBank.

Anna has seven years of experience using social media as a business tool and recently received her Master’s in a related area of study from Columbia University. At the Feb. 16 Digital Salon: “How to Leverage Location Based Services for Business,” she guided NYWICI members to a clearer understanding of how to use these tools to generate buzz, strengthen a brand and drive consumers to engage with a company’s products or services.

Since sites like Foursquare and Gowalla are new, they present unique obstacles for companies trying to maintain brand quality and recognition. Therefore, you want to “claim who you are and who you aren’t,” Anna advised. 

Anna also underscored the importance of knowing your audience, including those groups to which you are passively connecting and those you are excluding from your online strategy.

She shared the example of a KLM campaign using Foursquare and Twitter to bring travelers personalized gifts as a thank you for their patronage — a unique example of how to generate positive PR. “There is no magic guaranteed,” Anna stressed however. “First is the winner.”

— Lindsey Anne Wahlstrom


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