Coaching Salon:10 Secrets for Great Communication

May 3, 2012

Stephanie SilvermanOn May 3, Stephanie Silverman, an Executive Coach specializing in Public Speaking and all areas of spoken communication, explained NYWICI members how the 10 secrets relate to the art of presentation — for group presentations as well as during one-to-one conversations such as job interviews. Attendees had the opportunity to practice the 10 secrets through brief group exercises.

Stephanie earned her BA from San Francisco State University and her MFA from Rutgers University and has been working as a performer and voice/speech/presentation coach for more than ten years.  She practices both independently and in partnership with global executive coaching firms and has served for several years as a senior consultant for WJM Associates, Inc., a recognized leader in organizational effectiveness and leadership development.

In addition to being a public speaker and speaker trainer, Stephanie has coached executives working in areas such as finance, health care, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and automotive manufacturing, public relations, luxury/lifestyle sales, marketing, design and advertising. She has coached foreign executives, increasing their intelligibility in American English and helping them to adapt to American executive culture.  She has also worked with actors to develop or diminish dialects for performances on stage and film.

Stephanie is one of the talented coaches affiliated with NYWICI's coaching program. Coaching is a member benefit, and includes one free session per year with a coach.

Podcast to come.

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