Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich

February 24, 2017

Julie Hochheiser IlkovichJulie Hochheiser Ilkovich is a career empowerment expert, as well as a digital content, marketing and social media specialist, and she is the host of NYWICI’s podcast Coffee Break w/ NYWICI. Julie honed her career expertise by developing a successful business: she is currently the co-founder, managing partner and president of editorial operations at Masthead Media Company and navigating the corporate ladder at Warner Bros. (as editorial director of Alloy Entertainment, creators of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries), Hearst (as site director for the Hearst Teen Network, which includes seventeen.com), and AOL (as editor and on-air personality at AOL RED, AOL’s teen channel). Julie’s career advice can be heard regularly on SiriusXM’s Wake Up! withTaylor and has been featured in outlets including USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Woman's Day, Crain's New York, TheStreet.com, Good Day New York and Great Day Washington. She is a graduate of the Boston University College of Communication and a proud recipient of a New York Women in Communications WiCi Award, which celebrates the career achievements of rising stars in communications. You can follower her daily career advice on Twitter @JulieinNYC.  

Why she does what she does… “For me, everything I do is all about helping! I absolutely love helping people figure out their career paths. We all spend so much time at our jobs (probably more time than we do with our families!), so I want to empower everyone to feel like they can take control of their careers — and create something they are truly happy with. Hosting Coffee Break w/ NYWICI has been an incredible dream because we’re able to help many people with their careers through this powerful outlet. And through my day job I am given the opportunity to help freelancers make their dreams come true by supporting their careers and providing them with the tools and training they need to become their own business owners. And I also get to help my amazing clients and partners create engaging and exciting content that, well, helps their brands!”

Drawn to NYWICI… “Networking, networking, networking! I think networking (and not even necessarily what we think of as traditional networking but more like maintaining relationships) is the key to success in so many parts of our lives. NYWICI is just full of amazing, passionate women who want to connect, learn and help each other. I have made some of my greatest friends and most valuable job connections through this organization. And many of these connections have led to so many exciting career adventures!”

My favorite social media platform… “Instagram! I’m obsessed. (Although I am not always great at keeping up with posting my own pictures!) I just love following along with people’s adventures in such a visual way. I also love how it forces you to choose just one picture to post that really represents an experience, emotion, or thought. It really encourages creativity and I have so much fun consuming the content on there!”

Today’s biggest challenge in my field of communications… “While not unique to what I do, all fields of communications are just rapidly changing! It’s a lot of work to keep up and it requires making sure you’re constantly reading and researching; we just can’t sit back and let things happen! I have fun keeping up with the news and learning new things, but it’s all changing so much that an idea that feels like it will be your biggest project one day can be completely outdated the next! I think this is why organizations like NYWICI are so important. They keep us connected, updated, and in the loop.”

Off the clock, really… “I am excellent at completely unplugging and I love it! I do spend a lot of hours working, and I also really work hard at making sure I have time to focus on friends, family and myself. I spend my free time trying new restaurants (or trying to cook. I’m not very good, but I am learning), traveling near and far (I try to make it to Maryland frequently to visit my family and my husband and I also love to travel the world. We recently spent 10 days exploring Japan!, continuing my search for the best chocolate chip cookie in New York City, exercising (I am a SoulCycle addict) and binge watching my favorite TV shows when I have a nice chunk of time.  I’m also a member of the New York Times Film Club, so you can often find me checking out the next big film hitting theaters.”

Did you know… “I’m extremely close with my two sisters and I make sure to connect with them every day.”

Day to relive… “My wedding day! The feeling of having everyone we love in the same room was just something I wish I could replicate every single day.”

Words to live by…Communication is Key. These are words that really apply to every aspect of my life. I think the most important thing anyone can do is really focus on how people like to be communicated to and make sure you are communicating with them in that way. I have found this to be a key to success in both my personal and professional life. If your client does not respond to emails, maybe they prefer phone meetings? If your loved one never answers their phone, maybe they just prefer text messages? Miscommunication can often happen just because people are not really paying attention to how we each prefer to communicate, so I think that really paying attention to and respecting how people like to communicate/be communicated to can be the key to success in all areas of your life.” 



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