Danielle Dardashti

January 6, 2015

Danielle DardashtiDanielle is the SVP business development, where she heads up the sales team at Magnet Media, working with clients on all things video: strategy, production and distribution.

Before joining Magnet Media in July, her experience was wide and deep: It included senior positions at Meredith Corporation, McMurry/TMG and IKA Collective. Danielle has also been a TV reporter in Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia and an Emmy-winning documentary producer for television and is the author of three books, including one she co-authored with her husband called The Jewish Family Fun Book.

Why she does what she does “I love telling stories. And video is such a powerful medium for story-telling. That’s what drew me to do what I do.”

Online video’s biggest challenge “Measurement! It’s getting better, I hope, but it’s like the Wild West. There’s a lot of fraud when it comes to truth in online viewing and numbers.”

Drawn to NYWICI "Cocktails and Conversations. It was a lively panel about the future of video. Very interesting speakers and great networking. Since then, I've gone to a bunch of programs and gotten more involved.”

Did you know? “I was in a family band growing up. We were like the Jewish von Trapps. My parents, my two younger sisters and I sang folk music in a bunch of languages all over the country.”

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