June 2014

Six women, all originals, shared the stage when they received awards at the Annual Meeting in May 2014. Below, read about those who are forging fresh paths and consider their smart observations of everyday life.

Member Empowerment Grant (MEG) Winners 


Michelle LodgeMichelle Lodge 
This journalist, editor and writer will put her grant toward learning video reporting through hands-on courses at the New York Downtown Community Television Center.

"The printed word is powerful, but the same ideas expressed on video can travel deeper and convey the emotion of a person or groups or even a setting with even more dynamism."


Audrey PassAudrey Pass

Audrey, who is senior director of public affairs for Fox 5 and My 9 TV, plans to pay for studies in social media and digital marketing at Hunter College with her MEG. 

"Social media is another platform to promote our programs and communicate with our audience, and to share information." 

Tekla SzymanskiTekla Szymanski 

New York University is the place where Tekla, a content strategist, writer and managing editor of nywici.org, plans to tackle Java coding, thanks to the MEG. 

"I'll use my traditional journalism skills and technical knowhow as a coder to create tools for content-driven innovative web development and join the growing ranks of women in tech as a midcareer geek in front-end application development, information architecture and data strategy."


Liz Hoover Award 


Jan GoldstoffJan Goldstoff 

Public relations professional and photographer, president of Jan Goldstoff Public Relations 

"When you pay it forward, hopefully others will do the same. When you devote your time and energy and come from the heart, you never know the magic that can happen, and we each need to shine our light brightly and help others to shine theirs."


Mentor of the Year


Ginny PulosGinny Pulos 

President and founder of Ginny Pulos Communications

"Women tend to use habitual patterns of speech, and nonverbal behavior that gets them passed by for the big jobs that make or break a career. I especially love giving women the tools they need to succeed. The biggest thing any of us can do is to succeed by helping others find their own success. What could be better?"


Young Communicator Award 


Jacki BrykJacki Bryk 

Multimedia journalist

"The news business is a particularly difficult field, with high pressure, emotionally challenging content and constant deadlines. I admire every woman who reports the news."