March 2013

An enduring voice in New York media, Joan Hamburg began her illustrious broadcasting career in the seventies. This former Matrix winner shares her stories and a tip on how to secure a table at the city's most coveted restaurants. Lauded entertainer Carol Channing, a regular listener and another Matrix honoree, and dubbed Joan the "Yellow Pages of the world."

Joan is a journalist for WOR radio 710 AM, part of the Clear Channel Network. The Joan Hamburg Show, a combination of interviews with the notable and coverage of everything from medical topics to money, airs Monday through Friday between noon and 2 p.m. Says Joan, "We have covered Presidents and flea markets."
Better than bling "Being truthful, honorable and loving your audience are essential. You have to be willing to write 'new' on the box, which means establishing yourself as an expert. And, as I have always said, I love information the way some women love jewels."
Bargains "In the sixties, when I was a student at Barnard, I co-authored a book called New York on $5 a Day. I got the idea from Arthur Frommer's Europe on $5 a Day. Before publishing our book, written with college friend Norma Asnes, I called Arthur, who was then a litigator at the firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkin, and told him his book had a lot of mistakes. He was impressed with me and the book idea and borrowed $10,000 so we could self-publish. Of course, Arthur later left the law and became very successful publishing budget-travel books. He now co-hosts a show on WOR with his daughter, Pauline."
Dinner is served "Open Table is still the best way to land reservations. To get into a hot restaurant, go there, introduce yourself to the maître d' or captain and say, 'This is my neighborhood restaurant, and I'm going to take care of you.' You are letting her or him know that when the buzz dies down, you'll be a loyal customer. People do it, and it works."
As told to Michelle Lodge