February 2013

Stacy & Kendra

Stacy Martinet (left), CMO of Mashable — the moderator of a NYWICI Feb. 19, 2013 event during social media week — and Kendra Bracken-Ferguson (right), COO and a founding partner of Digital Brand Architects (DBA) and a panelist at the event, talk about what social media mean to them.

What is the right mix of personal and professional in social media?    
Stacy: "See the medium for what it is: a long, slow story you are telling about yourself in hundreds of tiny installments. The best communications rules still apply: Be authentic, be confident, have a little fun, but remember what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet, forever."
How has social media enhanced and complicated your life? 
Stacy: "I'd probably sleep more and spend less time on the phone without social media. Two-way communication means that we have to expect change daily. Companies now have access to real-time feedback, data and insights, which, if used properly, can make us all a lot more effective at our jobs."   
Why are you passionate about social media?  
Kendra: "My company is based on social media, so without it, DBA would not exist in its current form. And the work I do is constantly evolving, from new platforms blowing up overnight to fresh research or statistical data that can make or break a client account. We have to be fluid in our action, hungry in our thirst for knowledge and brazen when it comes to full-throttle implementation."
What may attendees gather from the C&C session?
Kendra: "That social media is a tool not just for conversing, but also for sharing, learning and garnering insights from around the globe. If you're experienced, then the questions you're most likely asking yourself (or me) are: What's the next big thing? How can I monetize social media?"
— As told to Michelle Lodge