January 2013

Stephanie GuzmanIn the book In the Garden of Delight, 20th-century writer Lily Hardy Hammond coined the term "pay it forward," which means to repay a positive deed bestowed on you by doing a good turn for someone else. On Jan. 9, a panel of talented young communicators discusses the concept at the "Pay It Forward" event. Here, one panelist, Stephanie Guzman, who is interning at public relations firm Weber Shandwick in its healthcare practice and is a junior at City College of New York, comments on her experience in work and life.

Q How do you view your employment options?
A "I haven't experienced the job market yet, but from researching the topic, it seems pretty competitive. You have more people attending college or returning to college and then entering the workforce just as prepared as anyone else. We have to work harder to make sure we stand out in a pile of resumes."
Q Why Weber Shandwick? 
A "My internship was secured through one of the NYWICI Foundation scholarships. I was awarded the IPG [Interpublic Group] scholarship, and it came with an internship at one of their offices. [Stephanie won NYWICI Foundation scholarships in 2010 and 2011. IPG sponsored one of the scholarships. At college, she is pursuing a double major in public relations and political science.]
Q Your motto?
A "I was once told to 'flow like the river.' We're all so ambitious and have set high standards and goals for our careers, but we can't forget to seize opportunities, try new things and not narrow our choices."
— As told to Michelle Lodge