December 2012

Ivy LiIvy Li is a co-vice president of NYWICI's Programming Committee, and she helped organize the Dec. 4, 2012, event, "New Year, New You!" with her co-vice president, Lauren Skowronski. 

Her day job "As digital communications director of NYC Digital of the Mayor's Office of Media & Entertainment, my job combines my passion for technology and my love for the greatest city in the world — New York; it is guided by Mayor Bloomberg's Digital Roadmap, his plan for realizing New York City's digital potential," explains Ivy. "I oversee digital communications to ensure effective and consistent engagement with New Yorkers, develop social media strategies for the city's agencies, contribute to the redesign of the city's official site and even tweet from @NYCgov. It's truly an exciting job that's fast-paced and encourages a start-up mentality."

From Beijing to Berkeley "I moved to the U.S. from China the day after I turned 5. While I love the rich, cultural history of China (and, of course, the food!), I live a fairly normal 'American' life. I consider myself to be a good balance of both cultures." 

If only ... "Sometimes, it's fun to think how my life would be different if my family had stayed in China. My math skills would probably be a lot sharper."

Memories of China "Most are centered around activities with family and friends, like ice skating on the pond in the Forbidden City. These memories are really special because China has changed a lot since I lived there in the eighties. Beijing is incredibly modern today. Some places I went to as a child are no longer open to the public."

Coming to America "It was easy making friends in California. When you're only 5 years old, adapting to a new country or new city is more fun than stressful."

American idol "One of my best career moments was spending a whole afternoon with Scholastic author R.L. Stine as he 'took over' the company's social media. I've been a fan of R.L. since I was a child, so it was quite surreal to be working with the man himself — not to mention on a communications platform that didn't even exist when I picked up my first Goosebumps book."

Zooland "When I walk my dog, Lucas, around the city, it's funny to see people with their cats or pigs on leashes, too." 

En pointe "I'll never forget the day I got my first pointe shoes for ballet. Like many young dancers, going en pointe is a BIG deal."

Best in show App, Instagram; color, pink; song, "Human" by The Killers. 

— As told to Michelle Lodge