July 2012

Sara HainesTODAY show contributing correspondent Sara Haines is a "lady who laughs" and likes to laugh. Good thing, because she's the emcee of the 6th Annual Ladies Who Laugh event on July 25, a fundraiser benefiting the NYWICI Foundation scholarship program.

What's good for a laugh? "Everything. I am what you would call a cheap laugh. My all-time favorites are blooper reels and people tripping or falling. It's not funny if they get hurt, but when I know they are okay, I find myself replaying it over and over again in my head for days afterward."
Favorite joke "I don't have one, but even if I did, it probably wouldn't be fit for publication. :)"
Humor by gender "I often find men's sense of humor rather one-dimensional, but I also find myself laughing with them, so maybe that is my dimensional dilemma." I find women, including myself, to be more self-deprecating. And women are more apt to completely leave their comfort zones when doing impressions or telling stories, which is often where the 'funny' is."
Kenneth, the NBC page "I was an NBC page early in my career. I love Kenneth, the fictional NBC page on the hit sitcom 30 Rock, who has done an amazing job staying true to everything that goes on in the building. His character is a bit of a stretch, though. We weren't allowed to stay longer than a year, and I am pretty sure that Kenneth has been a page for five years and counting. His upbeat attitude and excitement to do just about any task reminds me of my days in the program, but then he gets a little crazy."
Landing at TODAY "I was behind the scenes for seven years. I had wanted to do comedic acting, so I was constantly taking classes and auditioning. Several years ago, I created Backstage Pass, an online vlog for Today’s website, in which I interviewed celebrities and musicians. As it grew, I started doing things on the show as well. "
Chillaxing "I love reading, while cozying up with my Chihuahua pups, Trixie and Peter."
Technology: con & pro "My biggest frustration is when I can't figure out how to use it. I have a watch for running that is supposed to track my routes. Every time, and I mean EVERY time, I use it, the darn thing can't link up with the satellite. I don't need help not wanting to run, so playing/tweaking the watch when I start out makes me want to go home and sulk instead." On the upside, I like that technology is growing with us. And I am relieved to know that there are people who think so far out of the box. I am, however, still holding out for the microwave from Back-to-the-Future that heated up pizza, which went from being pocketsize to feeding the entire family."
—Michelle Lodge