December 2011

Jackie BirdJackie Bird is CEO and chief insights officer for her own young company, Redbean Society, a marketing communications firm that specializes in targeting Latina women and provides marketing solutions for clients who want to win in the U.S. Hispanic market.

Jackie is also a speaker at the December 6 Cocktails & Conversations about marketing to women.

Super-shoppers "Latinas are trendsetters in the cross-cultural consumer segments in America and purchase decision-makers in the largest growth market in the U.S. today."

Full of a good way "When we set out to name the firm, I didn't want to be the next 'name on the door' kind of agency. The name's more important part is 'society,' because it represents our relationship between clients, partners and, ultimately, consumers. "Beans are a basic staple in Latin culture. We all eat beans, even if we eat different varieties of this healthy, tasty and nourishing food. I am Puerto Rican and lived most of my life on the island, so red beans have been a part of me."

Invitación a Nueva York "I came here to work for Grey advertising, now a part of WPP, one of the world's largest ad and marketing communications holding companies. The assignment was to rebrand, restructure and turn around its Hispanic subsidiary, FOVA, into what shortly afterward became Winglatino. "I had begun my career in marketing with Procter & Gamble Puerto Rico."

Two worlds in sync "My mother was born in New Orleans, but grew up on the island, and my father was Puerto Rican.  I grew up in an environment where we celebrated the best of both worlds. Understanding the dynamics of a bicultural identity is as natural to me as celebrating Puerto Rican traditions as well as American values."

Are we there yet? "Structure and process are very important in the formative years, and I learned those by working for large corporations, such as Grey, Procter & Gamble and RJ Reynolds Tobacco. Once you have acquired a strong foundational experience, it's a great challenge to venture out and make it. Though I am far from saying, 'I've made it.' "

And, now, a word from our dreamers "A good friend and prior boss said, 'The road to success is always under construction.' "That's how dreamers and entrepreneurs think. We have accomplished a lot in the last two years at Redbean, yet the best is still to come."  

— As told to Michelle Lodge