October 2011

Susan SchulzSusan is the editorial brand director for Cosmopolitan and president of NYWICI’s Foundation Board.

Magazines because… “It was not so much a choice, it was a destiny. Ever since I was in the 8th grade, I gravitated toward magazines. I just never imagined myself doing anything else with my career. I was drawn to magazines, too, because they’re the place people go when they crave new ideas to make their lives better. Not only are magazines entertaining, I have always loved how much they inspire people to live their lives in a different or better way.”

Digital 24/7 “Digital is the main area I work in at Cosmo (I’ve been here since March ‘10), because I oversee the web editors of cosmopolitan.com. I work on several other nondigital projects, too, but the web is the part I’m focused on every single day, throughout the day (and at midnight and weekends sometimes, too!).”

Foundation plus “My goal is to get us focused more on various fundraising efforts that will not only allow us to give out more scholarships, but to also fund other projects that can further our mission of education for women at every stage of their career.”

Stellar scholarship winners “I am especially proud of Marie Dugo and Stephanie Guzman, both of whom I interviewed when they first applied. Marie is a three-time scholarship winner and graduate of Vassar College, who was accepted into the coveted NBC Page Program, where she currently works. Stephanie is a two-time scholarship winner who attends CUNY. She is very active at many NYWICI events, including Ladies Who Laugh, and is going to be a featured speaker at the Student Communications Career Conference on Nov. 19.”

More tu-ba! “One of my favorite New York memories happened Halloween night 2007. My husband, Kevin, and I were riding home from the West Village to the Upper West Side in a packed Number 1 train. There were people in costumes and the Columbia marching band with their instruments. Kevin started chanting ‘tu-ba, tu-ba,’ to get the tuba player to pick up his giant instrument and play, and he did. Then the entire band joined in.” 

Downtime “My downtime is literally down on the floor doing puzzles with my little guy, Tim, who’s 2 1/2, and coaxing my daughter, Taryn, 10 months, to crawl over to me.”

Let’s live that day over “It is one of the first times I was on TV. It was in the late nineties, when I was the senior editor at YM and I appeared on ‘The View’ to do a prom segment. “It went great. I was on with Star Jones and a guest host I can’t remember. Someone told me afterward that Barbara Walters had been watching and said, ‘This is a good segment.’  I had prepared so much to make sure it all went well. And to know that BW herself had noticed — wow!” 

— As told to Michelle Lodge