August 2011

Mariama KeitaMariama is a 2011 NYWICI scholarship winner, who recently wrapped up a summer internship at the White House, a self-described "Africanista," who has traveled extensively through sub-Saharan Africa, and is a master's candidate at New York University in global affairs.

Road to the White House She methodically networked with officials there for months, after connecting with them while an intern at the Committee to Protect Journalists.
With Obama & Co. "My typical day ranged from handling daily administrative duties, attending meetings and briefings with senior administration officials, and traveling off-site to assist with POTUS (President of the United States) events, among other duties."
Champions "I admire Oprah and Christiane Amanpour, because they use their intellect and hard work as the driving force behind their careers and success."
Rich or famous? "Rich, because money allows you to change (and have an impact on) the lives of others on a grand scale. Fame can be subjective and short-lived."
As told to Michelle Lodge.