What Makes You Stand Out?

February 20, 2017

AloudYoProBefore I moved to upstate New York to start my job as a television reporter, one of my mentors asked me, “What’s your superpower?” I must have looked at him with the most dumbfounded and confused look. Ever since, I have been searching for my “superpower.”

By using the term “superpower,” did he mean what makes me stand out in a sea of communications professionals? We all meet deadlines and generate content — but I asked myself: “What makes me different?”

I started taking note of individuals who have unique interests that may be translated into a “side hustle.” A side hustle is the job or obligation (it can be volunteering) that someone does to supplement her everyday job.  

The side hustle can serve many purposes for young professionals:

Financial Stability
A side gig in something other than the job that provides your primary financial income can put some extra cash in the bank.

Fulfilling Your Passions
Keep your passions alive — or find a new one! Sometimes it can get monotonous working in the same position or desk job. Maybe you love animals and want to get involved at the local humane society, or you have a blog that pulls together all of your different interests. According to Qz.com, “The side hustle offers something worth more than money: A hedge against a feeling of stuck and dull.” These passions will enhance your day-to-day and give you a new perspective on topics separate from your primary line of work.

Bringing More to the Table
By embracing new passions and obligations, you will have more to offer. You have a set of diversified skills with a “side hustle” that your colleagues might not have. There is nothing better than being able to connect with people in the workplace — and your side hustles make you that much more interesting.

Meredith Dean of Seacrest Studios enjoys her “side hustle,” which is running her digital branding company. She is the Program Coordinator at SeacreStudios at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC, where she operates TV and radio programming for hospitalized children. She is also the founder of The Dean’s List Digital Branding Services, where she helps build online portfolios and offers career consulting to help her clients land their dream jobs. Meredith believes that balancing more than one position or having a side hustle is a great way to gain new skills that apply to her career at Seacrest Studios. ”I have my 9-5 and my 5-9. I like to be very, very busy — and I feel like it keeps me very motivated all of the time,” she says. Her experience in broadcast media has helped her business tremendously: “I am able to stay up-to-date with current trends and tech and expand my network enormously.”

Meredith stresses that side hustles are a great way to get a second income while doing something you love. “Especially for millennials, it is really nice to have two incomes. If you have a hobby and you really love it, why not start something that can earn an income? I love building resumes, websites and helping people. Why not do all three?”

Side hustles help you become a well-rounded and marketable asset. This is all the more reason for young professionals to be open-minded in the search of what matters to us to find our “superpower.”


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Justine Re

NYWICI President Jacki Kelley: "Making Sense of Chaos"

February 17, 2017

JackiJacki Kelley is president of NYWICI for the 2016-2017 year and Chief Operating Officer of Bloomberg Media at Bloomberg LP—the leading global business and financial media organization that comprises every platform: digital, television, radio, print, magazines and live events.

A dynamic leader, Jacki has been widely credited with disrupting traditional business models to successfully meet client objectives across the publishing and advertising industries during her tenure at IPG Mediabrands, Yahoo!, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and USA Today. She also is a recognized champion of diversity and inclusion initiatives across Bloomberg Media, having formalized a number of programs focused on recruitment, retention and development of employees across all aspects of diversity.

In addition to her NYWICI Matrix Award, Jacki is the recipient of the 2016 Distinguished Citizenship Award from the John A. Reisenbach Foundation and 2016 Muse Award from New York Women in Film and Television. In 2015, she was named to Variety's Power of Women New York ranking of game-changers in the entertainment and media industries. And in 2013 Jacki was featured as one of Crain's New York Business's 50 Most Powerful Women in New York, one of Advertising Age's 100 Most Influential Women in Advertising and was number one on Business Insider's 30 Most Powerful Women in Advertising list.  

Why she does what she does… “I love making sense of chaos...disrupting and creating. I equally enjoy building teams and collaborating with smart, dedicated and innovative people. I chase roles that give me the chance to do both.”

Drawn to NYWICI… “What resonated with me was how NYWICI members constantly inspire one another to achieve and share their successes. We are all volunteers who are invested in each other’s success and raising each other up.”

My favorite social media platform… “It may sound a bit retro, but for me it’s a good old fashioned conversation—the best social platform and, I think, making a comeback! I fear we are more connected than ever and yet more isolated. I am an advocate for “face time,” meaning sitting down and talking without the phone in reach!”

Today’s biggest challenge in my field of communications… “It’s really about how brands and media owners can help connect with consumers in a meaningful and effective way—adding value in some way that moves them to act. That is the goal and getting harder in an increasingly fragmented media landscape with a high bar for authenticity. But therein lies the opportunity! And, I’m very excited about the investment Bloomberg Media is making to support our B2B clients and others aiming to reach a premium audience.”

At the top of my trend watching list in 2017… “Trust: ad fraud + fake news. We are at a critical moment for the brands that can to rise up. Fraud is a real and critical issue—and we’ve only just begun the dialogue and this must be solved. As a partner, we at Bloomberg Media are focused on ensuring that we are doing everything we can to deliver every ounce of value we can. It’s vital that credible news organizations demonstrate their value at this important time. I’m glad to be at an organization that is non-partisan, well resourced and determined.”

Key to successful disruption… “The notion that failure is proof that you are trying. Net-net, take an adaptive approach to planning and always be ready to pivot.”

Out with busy… “I no longer say I'm busy, I say I'm overly fulfilled.”

Lend a hand, raise a hand… “Promoting workplace diversity is EVERYONE's job and, on the flip side, when you need something, raise your hand and seek out a mentor.” 

Off the clock, really… “I love to check out, REALLY! I hang with my family and we play vicious games of Monopoly (although, shhh…Twister is my favorite!). Foster kids, cooking and chillin’ on the couch with family, movie and popcorn.”

Jacki’s nirvana... “Nirvana for me is not where I am, but who I am with...a quiet night cuddling with family under the blanket watching a great movie and munching on popcorn!”

Did you know… “I’m a foster parent and passionate about foster care.”

Day to relive… “That’s an easy one: the birth of my daughter. She was born at 7:13 am and every year when that time comes around on her birthday we cheer and celebrate. I would love to go back to that day and relive the first moment I saw her and held her...nothing sweeter.”

Words to live by… “I’d have to say it is, “We get what we give.’ Although the most powerful words in my book are, without a doubt: ‘How can I help?’”



Mastering Self-Promotion

February 14, 2017

AloudPro BlogDo you struggle with self-promotion? Are you reluctant to tell others about your success? Women often think that ‘singing their praises’ will be perceived as pushy, and they’re reluctant to embrace their powers. But self-promotion is not taboo — especially if done strategically.  

It is important to remember that society is increasingly embracing women as change-makers and ambassadors for global social issues. On Jan. 21, 2017, millions of women did just that: They made history when at least 3.3 million people participated in the Women’s March in more than 500 US cities and in many other marches around the globe. 

Still, even with women’s success stories on the rise, we are still conflicted with whether or not self-promotion is acceptable. NYWICI tackled the issue in a recent Twitter chat with NYWICI member and Twitter chat cohost Julie Livingston, the founder and president of Want Leverage, a public relations and business development consultancy firm.

Julie shared insights on why women should “sing their own praises,” and strategically promote their way to success.

Should women promote their career successes on social media?
Don’t be timid about promoting ‪[your] career success on social media. Spread the word and form new connections. Actively promote your ‪success on social media using an editorial message calendar. Promote yourself by sharing blogs, personnel news and event photos and showcase your thought leadership. People will notice.  

How should women embrace self-promotion?
Women should reframe self-promotion from negative to positive by asking themselves, “How can I make my work visible?” Instead of “self-promotion”, stress the ways your talents and work are of service. Get excited about having more impact. Ask yourself, “Are my accomplishments visible at work for current and potential clients?” Self-promotion does not equal being pushy. There's power in being known. There’s a difference between empty bragging and confidence that comes from knowing your skills and being optimistic. If you believe in what you're doing, why not tell others?

How does one self-promote without being perceived negatively?
Make self-promotion part of your daily routine. Write down self-promotion goals and set deadlines for achieving them. It's not too late to start! As a communications pro, position yourself as a resource for writers looking for experts. Self-promotion is a powerful tool to gain visibility and credibility. Don’t be afraid to look for opportunities. If you do not take credit for a job well done, guess what happens?

It is important to build networking relationships among coworkers in other departments to increase exposure and credibility. “Show your competency by increasing visibility! Strategic self- promotion is the key.”



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Rodeena Stephens

Find the Meaning in Your Career

February 7, 2017

Raise your hand if you work in publishing, writing or public relations. Do you care about your work-life balance now and will you care about your work-life balance in five years? These were just a few of the self-evaluating questions raised by Ann Shoket, the former editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine and author of the upcoming The Big Life (plus the Badass Babes newsletter) at “New Year, New You: A Chat with Ann Shoket” on Jan. 2, 2017, at The Gander. The event was hosted by NYWICI's Young Professionals Committee.

Ann shared her outlook on finding one’s passions, achieving a stellar work-life balance, the intricacies of the dating game and becoming the badass babes that we really are. Throughout the conversation, Ann touched on everything from her years of experience in the magazine industry to finding a partner whose eyes will light up when you talk about the things that matter most to you.

Here are a few highlights from the discussion:

Make what you do, feel like actual living

  • The best bosses want you to have a life. In fact, you’re a better employee when you have a life outside of the office, so carve out time to do things that matter to you.
  • Your career shouldn’t feel like something entirely separate from your life.

Finding your passion shouldn’t be your goal — but rather finding things that give you meaning

  • Passion is a lot about trial and error. Start out by finding the things that are meaningful to you. Ann discovered her affinity for writing for a young female audience after she wrote an article about a woman who escaped from a cult.
  • You need to have a side hustle at every stage in your career, where you don't get to call the shots.
  • Even with all the time demands on you, you still you need to make time for things that matter to you.
  • What did you imagine your life would be like when you were 16? There's often power in that answer, so hold onto that when starting your career.

Continuously mold and rebrand yourself — just like Ann did by transitioning from being a magazine editor to becoming an author  

  • When you move forward in your career, it’s not about reinventing or pivoting; we’re all getting a broader perspective on what our career trajectory should be.
  • Your portfolio career is what counts. It’s not just your current job that matters, but everything you bring into the fold, including your side-hustle. 


Slideshow images: Jan Goldstoff



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