What We Learned from the NYWICI Student Career Conference: Part 1

February 23, 2018

podcast SCCC part 1Episode 16 of Coffee Break w/NYWICI features interviews with four panelists at various stages of their careers at the 2017 NYWICI Student Communications Career Conference. Whether you’re a recent grad or an industry veteran, their words of wisdom are worth a listen. Check out some of the amazing advice we learned from our interviews below, and you can listen to the entire episode on iTunes or Soundcloud. Next week, we’ll be releasing Part 2, where we’ll share another set of interviews with inspirational women. Subscribe to the podcast (wherever you listen to podcasts) to be notified when part two of this episode (and future episodes!) goes live.

What We Learned From Tiffany Pham, Founder and CEO, Mogul

A coder, Tiffany created Mogul, an award-winning platform enabling women to connect and share information with each other. It reaches 18 million women from over 196 countries and 30,470 cities worldwide per week.

1. When to Turn a Side Hustle Into a Full-Time Gig

After spending many nights developing Mogul, Tiffany realized it was time to turn it into her full-time gig. She says the time’s right when you’re “so passionate about it that it starts to become everything you think about day and night and you can’t think about your day job anymore.” She also believes momentum is key in making that switch.

2. How to Overcome Shyness

Timid and introverted by nature, Tiffany needed to overcome shyness to get things done. “I realized if I couldn’t do this, Mogul would never get off the ground,” she says. “It’s about pushing yourself to achieve that courage to get things done.”

What We Learned From Meredith Long, Time Inc. SVP News, Luxury and Style, and Current NYWICI President

Meredith is responsible for developing the growth strategy for Time Inc. brands including Time, Fortune, Money, InStyle, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure and Departures. As the brand leader, she oversees the overall financial and strategic performance, along with these brands’ major franchises and live events.

1. Why You Should Plan Your Life, Not Your Career

Having lived in multiple cities around the country — including Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Boulder and now New York — she has always taken career opportunities in equal measure with the opportunity to live in a new city and take on a new lifestyle. In her opinion, personal growth is paramount to professional growth.

2. How to Say No

Remember to trust your gut, Meredith says. Don’t say yes to something that won’t make you happy. And when turning down a job or project, give reasons why you don’t think the role is right for you — and also offer an alternative solution.

What We Learned From Kristin Russ, Freelance Wardrobe Stylist, TRL, MTV

Kristin entered the world of styling in 2010 and studied at New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology and the School of Style. She eventually landed a gig at MTV’s TRL, where she styles nine people for four shows per week.

1. How to Leave Your Full Time Job

While working as an executive assistant in the TV industry, Kristin developed a passion for fashion and took classes during evenings and weekends. She also thought ahead and reached out to her network to announce she was going freelance.

2. Be Authentic

Kristin's best advice? Be confident, brave and prepared, especially as a woman. She also advises being authentic at all times — you should never be afraid to introduce yourself.


What We Learned From Casey Silvestri, Production Assistant at NBC News / Stay Tuned on Snapchat

A two-time NYWICI scholarship recipient, Casey recently helped launch Stay Tuned, the first daily news show on Snapchat.

1. Be Politely Persistent

When she couldn’t afford film school, Casey attended community college and networked with her professors to get side gigs in film and TV production. She then attended SUNY New Paltz and commuted two hours each way to her internship at The Today Show. Her persistence paid off when she got her job at NBC News.

2. Don’t Let Anyone Decide Your Future

Casey was told many times that she wouldn’t make it, especially during college, but she kept hustling until she landed her current role. “Put in the effort and things will happen,” she says.


Thanks to all our guests for being part of the podcast! 


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