Lisa McCarthy on Managing Your Inner Critic

June 26, 2017

Lisa McCarthyYou’ve just left a meeting and the voice in your head immediately begins railing at you about all the things that you did wrong, forgot to say, or shouldn’t have said. Has this ever happened to you? Some people call it their “Evil Twin.” Some call it their “Inner Saboteur.” Lisa McCarthy, Founder and CEO of FastForward Group, calls it our "Inner Critic", and she is on a mission to help women tame theirs.

NYWICI was excited to host Lisa at the Cocktails & Conversations event "Learning How to Manage Your Inner Critic" on June 27, 2017.

We asked Lisa a few questions about her insights about that nagging inner voice.

When did you realize that it was important for women to change the story they tell themselves? 
In middle school! This is the age we begin to make up disempowering stories that limit our view of what is possible and impact our confidence.   

What is a common criticism that you've seen women tell themselves?
It’s hard to thrive at work and home. I am not “X” enough …smart, creative, innovative, assertive enough.

What criticism did you have to overcome to found The Fast Forward Group?
It was not a criticism. Several people advised me to take on another large media role before I became an entrepreneur. I decided to take the leap and trust my gut that we had something unique to provide for business teams that would make meaningful impact on their people’s performance and fulfillment.   

What is one simple exercise women can do to calm their inner critic?
Observe it and recognize that it can be harsh and irrational. Share it with someone you trust. Look for things you are proud of/did well and are grateful for.  

What advice would you give female executives about navigating the workplace?
Fast forward a year out and be thoughtful about your vision and what you want to accomplish. Consider stakeholders, internal and external, who are critical to making your vision become a reality.  

Do we always need to quieten our inner critic or can we learn from it?
There is an inner voice that is our intuition and can be constructive as we discern ways to improve. I see this as distinct from our inner critic, which can be harsh and irrational.   

Have you found evidence that women struggle more than men? If so, why do you think that is?
Yes. Women tend to have more on their plate, managing work and being primary caregiver to kids and parents. We set a high bar for ourselves, can overthink and care too much. We need to relax and focus on strengths and contribution!  


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