BTS @ Vice: A Finger on the Pulse of Culture Trends

January 30, 2017

Aloud Blog StudentsNYWICI’s Behind the Scenes tour @ Vice Media on Jan. 12, 2017, was eye opening. Upon entering the building, I was hit with a wave of positive energy, and I was instantly recharged from the earlier happenings of my day. The environment is both calm and energetic, which could be considered an oxymoron; however, the personnel and flow of the space all make for an innovative work environment. Therefore, it was no surprise to hear Charlotte Japp, a senior creative (brands), expressing her excitement during the informative session that followed a tour of Vice’s offices, over the company’s direction and the projects and campaigns she has seen and or worked on directly.  

Charlotte impressed me with her education background in literature and her dream of working in television. I immediately started thinking about my own background and how one assumed career path can lead you in a different direction. Her path lead her from Georgetown University to becoming a junior creative and now senior creative at Vice. During her three and a half years at Vice, Charlotte expressed that she has been given creative freedom, which informs her decisions both on the client and business side of an initiative. She also revealed that there is a certain amount of diplomacy within a team, because everyone has their own style and there is space for individuals to be their best creative self while producing and launching a campaign.

BTS @ Vice MediaThat said, Charlotte also stressed that there are good challenges in her role. For one, she often must figure out a “puzzle” or a Request for Proposal (RFP), once assigned. After confirming a request, she consciously remains true to her creative process, but also balances her creative intentions to produce the best results per the initial client request. Overall, her role requires quick thinking, having a finger on the pulse of current culture trends and an understanding of news, influencers and up and coming talents.

The tour and informative session from some of the top female talents at Vice was invaluable. The session facilitated by Liz Mantel, gave us a sneak peek into the innovative work and aspirations to come from this media outlet.

All in all, I came to understand that no matter where we begin in the business of storytelling, we must remain genuine in our approach towards the business and our clients. And landing on your feet directly from college or from a previous career path in a place like Vice Media is not only encouraging — but possible.



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Lindiwe Davis

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