2016 WiCi Awards

October 12, 2016

On Oct. 11, 2016, New York Women in Communications presented the WiCi Awards, honoring seven innovative women in the communications industry, who represent the next generation of industry leaders.

The event was hosted by Bloomberg and emceed by Matrix Award honoree Dyllan McGee, Founder of McGee Media and the Founder and Executive Producer of MAKERS, a dynamic digital platform showcasing thousands of compelling stories from trailblazing women.

Wici Awards

Pictured from left to right:

Elaine Welteroth, Editor, Teen Vogue; Erin Quintana, EVP Client Managing Partner, J3 UM; Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich, Co-Founder, Managing Partner and President of Editorial Operations, Masthead Media; Lauren Wesley Wilson, President, ColorComm; Melody Lee, Director, Brand Marketing, Cadillac; Sarah Personette, Head of Global Business Marketing, Facebook; Tammy Tibbetts, Founder & CEO, She’s the First
The WiCi Awards honorees shared their words of advice and insight about their professional and personal achievements on the road to their success:
  • “Culture eats strategy. It all comes down to people. Focus on relationships.” Erin Quintana
  • “We’re not victims in our careers and that’s where empowerment comes from. There’s always something you can do to make you happier.” Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich
  • “Done is better than perfect.” Lauren Wesley Wilson
  • “We threw out all the formulas—we needed to be really authentic to what excites us in order to excite others.” Elaine Welteroth
  • “Nothing really scares me. You can make it through anything; it might just take a while.”  Melody Lee
  • “There is no such thing as sacrifice if you own the decisions you make.” Sarah Personette
  • “It’s amazing to see how something so simple can start a conversation, “ on how she turned a Youtube video into an international movement, sponsoring more than 2,214 years of girls’ education for 804 STF Scholars in 11 countries and in the U.S. Tammy Tibbetts
Photo: Jan Goldstoff

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