Recipient Obligations

Recipients are required to attend and will be acknowledged on stage at the New York Women in Communications Matrix Awards Luncheon on Monday, April 28, 2014, in New York City. Each recipient will receive two tickets to the luncheon (one for themselves and one for a parent or other guest). Recipients are expected to pay all other out-of-pocket costs associated with Matrix and Matrix-related activities, including but not limited to tickets for other guests, transportation and accommodations. 

Each recipient must provide written confirmation of acceptance into an undergraduate or graduate program at an accredited college or university no later than May 16, 2014.  Scholarship monies will be sent directly to educational institutions in June.

All recipients are expected to maintain professional behavior. Throughout the recipients' education and professional career,  they must abide by the legal, ethical and moral guidelines of their chosen professions. Recipients must understand and accept that there is a consequence for misconduct, and that any actual or perceived impropriety in personal and professional behavior may result in the removal of their names from the ranks of NYWICI Foundation scholars and in notifications from the Foundation to remove any references to the scholarship in professional credentials.

Scholarship recipients automatically receive a complimentary one-year membership in New York Women in Communications – which we hope they will renew on their own in subsequent years – and are viewed as the organization’s ambassadors.  As such, they will be invited to events throughout the course of the year and are expected to attend as many as possible – for those attending schools within an easy commute of New York City – and to be active participants in the organization (either directly or remotely via the Internet or telephone).  Participation can take many forms, including but not limited to committee membership, writing articles for various publications, serving as event volunteers, bringing nonmember friends to events, and spreading the word about our events and recruiting new members on campus.

Recipients of sponsored scholarships that come with internships or other onsite opportunities are expected to fulfill those as part of the terms of acceptance.  That includes complying with all requirements and demonstrating professionalism in dress and behavior. 

Recipients are required to notify New York Women in Communications of any changes of school or home address and other contact information, enrollment status, or other relevant information.   

While the course of study is left to the student, the recipient must major in a communications-related field and take sufficient credits each semester to qualify as a full-time undergraduate student or a full or part-time graduate student during the academic year for which the scholarship is awarded.

Although scholarship recipients are expected to continue at the same college or university, the Scholarship Committee will consider transferring a scholarship to another institution. The student must notify the Scholarship Committee in advance of intent to transfer and to continue majoring in a communications field, provide evidence of good standing at the college/university attended, and submit evidence of acceptance at the new college/university.

A recipient may request that the award be held if the student’s studies are interrupted by prolonged illness, an accident, or other extenuating circumstances (to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis).  Any such interruption must be documented in writing and reported promptly to the Scholarship Committee for approval. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Scholarship Committee of intent to resume full-time study so that arrangements can be made for reinstatement of the award.  If the interruption is medical, it must be documented in writing by a physician. 

Renewal is not automatic.  Past recipients are eligible to reapply but cannot receive the same named scholarship more than once and must complete the appropriate supplemental application form as part of the application package.

Recipients must authorize NYWICI to use photographs of them and an approved bio in promotional materials, including web materials.